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Employer Data, Employee Impact

February 15th, 2024

Felicia Nurmsen, Josef Pevsner, and Doug Kruse, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers University engaged in an in-depth discussion about the NOD Employment Tracker™ and the new employee-level Engagement Survey. Abree Ramirez of Randstad Sourceright provided a video testimonial explaining how her organization has benefited each year from taking the NOD Employment Tracker™.

From Deployment to Employment

November 9th, 2023

Luke Visconti, Chairman and founder of Fair360 (formerly DiversityInc) led a discussion with Charter Communications and Northrop Grumman on how businesses can create a welcoming and supportive environment where veterans with disabilities can thrive.

Neurodiversity at Work

October 4th, 2023

Discover how embracing neurodivergent talent can drive business success. In this webinar, experts from Prudential Financial and Rochester Institute of Technology spoke about expanding employment horizons and fostering an inclusive workplace.

Introducing the NOD Employee Engagement Survey

August 2, 2023

NOD and Rutgers University’s Employer Disability Practices Center have partnered together to develop a new tool: the NOD Engagement Survey. Developed with funding from a federal grant, we're proud to offer this innovative benchmarking tool at no cost to employers.

Chief Diversity Officer Roundtable Discussion

June 5th, 2023

The roundtable has created a space for NOD partner companies to network and discuss practices that have proven effective in creating a more inclusive environment for workers with multiple identities. The first convening of the roundtable, on June 5th, 2023, focused on neurodiversity in the workplace.

Mental Health: When Professional Becomes Personal

May 17th, 2023

Experts from NOD and Talmetrix explored how dimensions of identity affect an employee’s experience and well-being. We also heard from EY's Chief Wellbeing Officer on how they built a work environment that allows workers to thrive.

2023 NOD Employment Tracker™

February 2nd, 2023

Explore how the updated 2023 NOD Employment Tracker™ provides essential data to companies seeking to become more disability inclusive and how L'Oréal USA used this tool to advance their workplace inclusion initiatives.