Policy Work

At NOD we believe in creating a more inclusive society where people with disabilities are paid fairly, properly represented, and treated equitably under the law.

From left to right: Carol glazer shaking hands with President Barack Obama
Seated from left to right: President George H. W. Bush, Carol Glazer, and Governor Tom Ridge.

Current Legislative Priorities Include:

  • Ending the subminimum wage
  • Passing the Disability Integration Act (S. 117)
  • Passing the Better Care Better Jobs Act (S. 2210)
  • Passing the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act (H. R. 3763)
  • Passing the Disability Employment Incentive Act (H.R. 3765)

NOD's Policy Roundtable Leaders

Governor Tom Ridge

Governor Tom Ridge
NOD Chairman Emeritus

"Fears that most people have more often than not are fears about the unknown. I think there are a lot of stereotypes and fears associated with people with disabilities."

Congressman Jim Langevin

Congressman Jim Langevin 
NOD Board Member and Policy Ambasador

"I am fortunate to have access to an array of support and services, and I certainly could not do my job without them. But sadly, not everyone has access to the same resources."

NOD's Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer Roundtable

Led by diversity, equity and inclusion executives, this first CDO roundtable addressed neurodiversity challenges in the workplace. The discussion stressed inclusion of neurodivergent job seekers, adapting hiring and onboarding for support. Key takeaways emphasized proactive strategies like Autism@Work, starting small with pilots, and the role of a Neurodiversity ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and C-Suite champions in fostering a supportive environment.

June 5th, 2023

Featured panelists:

Celebrating the Rehab Act

On September 26th, 1973 the United States Congress passed the Rehabilitation Act, the most far-reaching civil rights legislation for people with disabilities in history.

Tribute to Tom Ridge

Watch Senator Bob Casey's (D-PA) tribute to NOD Chairman Emeritus Governor Tom Ridge in this video from our 2022 Annual Forum.

Tribute to Judy Heumann

Our 2023 tribute to the late Judy Heumann and her legacy as "the mother" of the disability rights movement and friend of NOD.