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The National Organization on Disability partners with top companies seeking to launch or expand their inclusion efforts, through membership in the NOD Leadership Council and through our Professional Services engagements.

Toyota Logo

“We took the confidential Employment Tracker™, which helped us gain a better understanding of how we measure up in the disabilities space and where the opportunities for improvement were.

After we analyzed the Tracker results, we participated in the Track Executive Briefing, an in-depth assessment and roadmap to advance, that was informed by stakeholder focus groups, a comprehensive document, industry benchmarks, and NOD’s employment expertise. The conversations and focus groups NOD conducted with our team members helped us chart a plan to advance our disability inclusion efforts forward with data and expertise.”

– General Manager of Diversity & Inclusion, Toyota

Toyota is a former client of NOD’s Professional Services

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“Not only was NOD able to provide training for Starbucks supervisors at our York Roasting Plant on how to manage individuals with disabilities, they helped us to quickly identify the most appropriate sourcing agencies and worked with those agencies to ensure they understood our workforce needs. NOD was an invaluable partner in helping us launch the Starbucks Inclusion Academy.”

– Executive Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations, Starbucks

Starbucks is a former client of NOD’s Professional Services

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Capital One

“Capital One is proud to partner with the National Organization on Disability (NOD) and be recognized with their Leading Disability Employer Seal in 2016.  NOD was instrumental in contributing to our initial disability inclusion strategy and development of our Business Resource Group, CapAbilities.  Capital One has a goal to build a place where every person has a chance to thrive and realize their full potential in an environment where they are understood, valued and respected.”

– Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Capital One

Capital One is a member of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council

Lowe's Logo

“Everybody wants to do the right thing. And everybody’s on a different part of their journey. What’s great is that NOD can play in all parts of that journey to help people be successful. It’s not only the right thing to do – it’s right for business.”

“Lowe’s has worked with the National Organization on Disability and many state vocational rehabilitation agencies to assist in hiring and increasing awareness of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. NOD has been a valued resource for Lowe’s, and we commend them for the work they are doing in Bridges to Business.”

– Supply Chain Executive, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Lowe’s is a former client of NOD’s Professional Services and member of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council

Toys R Us Logo

“NOD is a highly valued partner for Toys’R’Us. Their expertise and professionalism was instrumental to securing highly committed people for our team. NOD understands the challenges of the business environment, and takes an extremely collaborative approach to innovative human resource strategies…”

“In advance of Holiday 2014, Toys’R’Us hired over 100 employees in our Distribution Centers across the country through our Differently-abled Hiring Initiative (DHI). As has been the case since our pilot program began in 2012, our differently-abled employees performed well, were dedicated and committed to their duties, and have proven extremely reliable. As a result, various employees hired through our DHI last year recently secured permanent positions with our company following the holiday season – at a rate more than 3 times the rate of our average conversion.”

“More importantly, the general sentiment from our Distribution Center management team is that individuals hired through our DHI helped to foster improved communication and teamwork throughout our network. National Organization on Disability was an instrumental partner in our success, and we could not have done it without their support.”

– Vice President, Supply Chain Operations, Toys”R”Us, Inc.

Coca-Cola Logo

“At Coca-Cola, we see diversity as more than just policies and practices. It’s an integral part of who we are as Company and how we relate to the Community. We’re proud to partner with NOD to ensure that people with disabilities play a prominent role in the future of our organization.”

– Vice President, Community Relations, Coca-Cola North America

Coca-Cola is a funder of NOD’s Innovation Lab programs

DiversityInc Logo

“We’ve been working with NOD for years, and I find it to be the leading organization for people with disabilities and workforce issues…. I really admire the work that they do and think it’s a very important organization for our country.”

Luke Visconti | CEO and Founder, DiversityInc

DiversityInc is a member of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council

Exelon Logo

“NOD has been extremely helpful, making tools available, coaching and counseling and helping us understand ways that other companies have been successful – and continue to be successful. Just making it much easier for us to move ahead with our program.”

– Executive Vice President, Exelon; President and CEO, PECO

“NOD is very clear in their role in helping employers. And so they bring a focus that a lot of employers are looking for.”

– Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, Exelon

Exelon is a member of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council

Tyson Logo

“Tyson Foods, Inc. is very appreciative of the work and expertise provided by NOD. Their training and recommendations have been instrumental in helping better prepare our HR team to recruit a more diverse workforce and our company recognize the benefits of hiring candidates with disabilities.”

– Director, Diversity & Leadership Development, Tyson Foods

Tyson is a former client of NOD’s Disability Employment Professional Services

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